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Photography as Therapy

For me, photography is therapy. I've wanted to be a photographer since I was 6-7 years old. My dad was a photographer and I was his shadow. I went to many, many weddings around Dallas carrying my dad's lights around, getting things from his case, eating chocolate cake and dancing. I also worked every summer at his studio. Working with negatives, proofs, cleaning, seniors, pets and families. I always wanted to be a photographer until my dad said that I needed to get a job with benefits. So, I did that. I did Expatriate Management for about 18 years. Once I had kids, it was almost impossible to balance such a stressful and complex career with being the mom I wanted to be. Now, I'm doing what I absolutely love! I want families to have pictures that they love! I want moms to have pictures of their families! I want kids to feel like super-heroes! I want Seniors to be proud of their accomplishments and get read to launch into adulthood! Don't forget the fur babies! I want business owners to showcase their business, products and stories! I love taking pictures. I love doing portraits.

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