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Event Photography

Top quality event photography is an exceptional resource to have particularly when it comes to marketing your special occasion in Dallas, Texas.

You might be hosting a conference, tradeshow, large corporate meeting, charity fundraiser, new office opening, industry convention or product launch, to give a few examples. Not only does event photography help in spreading the word about your occasion and creating a buzz, it also memorializes the event. This is more important than you might think.


Why is memorializing your event so important?

Imagine all the planning and effort that goes into putting a successful event in Dallas. Have a professional photographer (like April Barnes will make sure the event is memorable. Some other reasons are:

  1. Company Perception: Having great photographs from your event to share can have an impact upon how people view your organization as a whole. If the photos depict a fun and interesting experience, then it is more likely that people will keep tabs on your upcoming activities which is priceless when it comes to keeping attention.

  2. Marketing Tool: Impactful event photography in Dallas can serve as a talking point and encourage media outlets to discuss your events which in turn could open you up to having more opportunities for publicity. Again: priceless attention.

  3. Visual World: This all makes sense when we remember that the whole world has become more visual than ever because of the continual rise of social media and people working from home, over the last decade. Images are highly communicative and that's handy to keep in mind in this fast-paced world where attention spans can be short and information floods us on a daily basis. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

  4. Social Media: Event Photography that is shared across various platforms can demonstrate how successful an event was and even record once in a lifetime moment such as ribbon cuttings, awards given and powerful speeches.

  5. Memorable Experience: Event photographs can remind attendees of what they were a part of as well as showing those who couldn't be there, what they missed. In almost all marketing platforms, photographs can increase viewership and also retention of the message and when it comes to keeping people interested and looking forward to the next occurrence such as an annual event. Photography which captures the essence of the occasion provides first-hand reasons to attend a future happening.

  6. High Quality Photos: Another key aspect to event memorialization through photography is that high quality, branded photography can give your event added credibility. If you wish to establish a great reputation, having eye catching professional visuals really helps.

  7. Uniqueness: Organized events often feature a unique collection of people and occurrences like special guests, keynote speakers and showcases. Often times, those in attendance of these events are dressed up and there is, generally speaking, a sense of anticipation and a festive mood.

  8. Precious moments: Many things can happen and often quickly with only a select few on hand to witness, which is another obvious benefit of having a photographer to hand who is skilled at capturing such moments.



Choosing an experienced event photographer in Dallas is not unlike choosing a wedding photographer, although it is simpler. Make sure to look at the portfolio or website, background and credentials of all potential photographers. Once you have made your selection and booked your ideal photographer it is important to brief them on what is expected and, crucially, on specific event details that you don't want them to miss. A great event photographer not only has a good eye but also a sense for anticipation and you can help them make the most of this by letting them know what to look out for like surprise moments for the guests.

Other ways to ensure you get the best from your photographer include introducing them to the venue ahead of time, providing a schedule that includes times and places of key moments and making them aware of any honored guests, speakers or major donors, for example. In short, communication with your photographer ahead of time is very beneficial. Keep in mind that a good photographer will know which questions to ask as well as being willing to answer any questions you might have. Some of the Event Photography that i have done includes the following:

  • Forum for Expatriate Management Americas 2019 Summit 

  • Forum for Expatriate Management Americas 2019 EMMAs

  • Hope and Pearls Gala 2020

  • Human Trafficking Awareness Events (several)

  • Radiant Girls 2019 Luncheon



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