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Why choose a Professional Portrait Photographer?

Family portraits are so essential to document the rapid growth and evolution of your family. Life progresses so incredibly quickly that we often forget to slow down and capture it. Portrait photographs will help encapsulate those special moments in time. Family portraits can bring you back to those captured moments where you can remember the smells, the feelings, the thoughts of where you and your family were at that moment in your life.

As a professional photographer in Dallas, Texas, I can capture your whole family, so no one is excluded while they are taking pictures. Because, let's be honest, how many times are you not in the family pictures because you're taking them?  Let me photograph your WHOLE family.  With professionally produced family portraits, your family will thank you for them later on in life. 



While practically everyone today has a smartphone camera, many reasons and benefits exist for choosing a professional photographer:


  • Equipment and knowledge - I have not only camera equipment, but lighting and backgrounds. I have the knowledge to make all the pieces work together to get those perfect shots.

  • Artistic touch - Great photographs tell a story and convey emotions and feelings. I am not just a photographer, but an artist with film as my canvas.

  • Editing - I have the photo editing software and experience to use it to its fullest potential to make great photos even better. 

  • Experienced with People - As a professional photographer, I have extensive experience with a wide variety of clients and personalities. I want your whole family to be comfortable behind the lens so you get the best, most memorable family portrait photographs. 

  • Everyone Included - As mentioned, when you hire a professional photographer, no one in your family is stuck behind the camera. Your family photos will not only look great, but will feel complete. 

Portrait Photography is my Passion

Portraits are a way of capturing a feeling or a millisecond in time for you to love and admire, forever.  You can study it.  You can also share it and let it tell your story for you.  My goal as your portrait photographer is to co-create the image you want to capture. 

Family portraits fill my heart with joy!  I want people to see them how I see them. I want to capture the sweet and authentic moments I know you want to remember for a lifetime. 

Family Portrait Services

Do you need a portrait of you doing your craft?  What about your kids?  What do they love? I want to work with you to create the look you want to capture. Here are some of the portrait photography services I provide:

  • Senior Yearbook Portraits

  • Children’s Portraits

  • Professional Portraits

  • Family Portraits

  • Pet Portraits

  • Headshots



April Barnes Photography, local to Dallas, Texas, produces high quality portrait photography to capture all of the various key events of your family’s growth and evolution. Let me show you how beautiful you and your family are through professionally-taken family photos.



"Taking and image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is."               - Anonymous

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