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Professional Photographer

At April Barnes Photography in Dallas, Texas, my main goal as a professional commercial photographer is to create an image that sells your product, distinguishes your brand and epitomizes the features and benefits of your product and services.

I believe that people want to see the human aspect behind your business and products. Your business should tell a story so people can feel a connection to what makes your company unique and special. What better way to tell your story than through professional photography? I can co-create your story to help build your brand, improve your website SEO and increase sales. 


Effectiveness of Professional Photography

Market research has shown that potential customers trust professional images much more so than generic stock photos or lower quality pictures. Your customer will understand and value your business more effectively with personalized, professional photography than when they see stock photos and words. 

High quality pictures, coupled with optimized text can be a major source of traffic for your website. Here are some reasons that make professional photography effective:

Consistent Branding - A professional photographer can create consistent photographs over time which will help reach your target audience and increase awareness of your brand. It is important that customers can recognize your brand through the unique photo style used across all of your photography. 


Building Trust - Creative photographs will create longer lasting impression and potential customers and helps increase overall sales and brand recognition. Customers know stock photography when they see it. Professional photos versus stock photos is similar to talking to the owner of a business versus a cardboard cutout. 


Personal Touch - Professional photography taken with a creative touch in mind tells your story and gives your business a unique feel that will make you stand out from your competition. Let your customers feel like they can reach you personally, rather than a call center half-way around the globe.  

Our Photography Services

Product photography - High-quality photos of your products help customers know what they are potentially buying. With great product photography, your items will not only be more attractive, but help build trust in your offerings. 

Events photography - Hiring a professional photographer for an event or special occasion will help with your brand and image. Photos of keynote speakers, charity events and product launches are some examples of the event photography I can do.

Professional Head-shots and Portraits - Promote your company and staff while telling a story of your business culture. 

Let me take your branding, marketing and online presence to the next level through my top-tier professional photography. At April Barnes Photography in Dallas, Texas, I have the experience and creativity to tell your story through images that everyone will want to see!

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