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Headshots! Headshots! Headshots!

Whether you are someone who is applying for a new job role, are climbing the corporate ladder, influencer, personality or are auditioning in the entertainment industry, having a professional headshot that is done by an experienced professional photographer can help you greatly in making a memorable first impression. 

The general reality in business in the fast-paced information age that we live in is that there is little time for contacts to read more than the first few lines of a resume. A strong corporate headshot is the best chance you have of standing out in the crowd and drawing interest towards your submission. 

Though many people rely upon cell phone photos, high resolution and professionally composed headshots will inspire recruiters, potential employers and important contacts to take a closer look. Importantly, demonstrating that you have made a (small) financial investment in a corporate headshot is taken as an indication that you take your career and self as a professional, seriously.

Working with April Barnes Photography will give you a visual representation of yourself that can help to convey what you want to communicate. You will also have the advantage of knowing that you're in the hands of a professional who will make sure you feel relaxed and confident for your corporate photoshoot. You can also be assured that the highest quality photography equipment is used as well as lighting, background and angles that are complementary to the message you wish to convey through your image.

Though it might seem hard to imagine that a single headshot photograph of you can express so much, remember that the eyes are powerful communicators. Another advantage of having a series of professional headshot photographs taken is that you can use them on your social media accounts and it’s no secret that many employers often look you up online prior to or following an interview.

When you book your Dallas headshot session with me, we will have a discussion about important details in advance as we need to consider things such as wearing colors and cuts that complement the background. The way we tell the story of You is paramount. Making good use of corporate photographers available to you helps you to have the best professional headshot possible to use as a powerful tool in your career and I am passionate about helping you to achieve your professional goals!

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