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Why Photographers Charge What They Do.

Do you ever wonder why photographers charge what they charge? We’re just showing up with our camera and magically getting these beautiful pictures to you, right? Hahaha, wrong.

First off, let’s talk equipment. My camera, lenses and flash total around $4000. My big lights are around $2000. Then, there’s my computer which is around $2000 and I need a bigger one which can handle more data processing (which means more expensive), soon! There’s also locations. If a photographer has a studio, then think about the overhead for that. Props, backdrops and sets are important, too. Then, I need to know how to use the equipment to make sure that I capture “that shot” and create magical memories! I also need to understand how to edit and easily share the photographs with my clients.

My time. Not only am I showing up early to your event or the session, but I’m preparing for about an hour before hand. Making sure I’m “game ready” when I show up.

Time Photographing Time to Edit and Process Convo on Additional Editing

30 minutes 60 minutes 30 ish minutes

60 minutes 90 minutes 30 ish minutes

90 minutes 120 minutes 45 is minutes

2 hours 2-3 hours Depends

5 hours 5 hours Depends

8 hours 8 hours Depends

When it comes to commercial and marketing photography, this is a whole different ballgame.

YOU NEED TO PRINT YOUR PICTURES! Especially print the ones you love. When printed, your picture bring on a whole, new life! I normally don’t create prints for clients, because most can do it on their own and it will be cheaper for them. I charge a session fee and then give them the digital files for them to post or print on their own. But, if people want to pay me to print or create a book or for me to order the prints for them, then I do offer that option, but I also charge for this. My dad always said photographers charge around 8 times of what the cost is. I would always gasp when I heard this. But then I started thinking about it.

1x = Cost

2x = Overhead and Taxes

3x = My time (researching and ordering)

4x = My experience

5x = My knowledge

6x = My creative vision

7x = Communication (more time)

8x = Quality

There are so many options out there for printing, now. Some examples are different paper, canvas, acrylic, wood, mats, backing, metal that can enhance your photographs and take them to the next level. That is where I come in to help! One of my favorite things is to create books, and I’m really good at it! Books are different, though. I just created a book for a family that cost was $230. I can’t charge them x 8 for this! Therefore, I worked with them on the total price.

I like to give my clients options. I like to think that I am fair. I want to make it affordable. I want to work with you and help you create! I want you to be happy with your photographs and also help you get everything you can out of your session, for many years!

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