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Updated: May 11, 2020

Whew! How about these Corona Virus times?? Wild, Y'all!!! Anyway, I was reading about this photographer in the Northeast and she has been going around taking pictures of people in her neighborhood. She maintains the proper 6 feet of physical distancing between other humans. Makes sense for a photographer not to have to get close to their subject.

I thought to myself, well, that sounds fun and I'm not poaching any of her business if I offer that here. So, I made a post on NextDoor.

Hi! I’m a photographer in the neighborhood and was wondering if there’s interest in getting your family picture taken at this time. I’ll come to the front (outside) your home and I’ll be more than 6 feet away from your family. 😊 A week later, I’ll email you your pictures! Viola, we practice physical distancing and you get to keep a memory during these unprecedented times! Because of economic uncertainty, I am only requesting donations. If a donation is not possible, I completely understand and don’t want that to deter you from contacting me. I want you to be able to look back and remember the silver lining. Thank you! Love and health to you and yours. Follow me on Instagram @aprilbarnesphotography

*****Best way to schedule something is via text 972.965.8173. Please send me your Name, address, what time of day is good for you, how many people and if you are going to try to include pets. Oh!! Any any fun ideas you might want to incorporate or create!"

Well, I'm getting all kinds of fun feedback and have already photographed several families in the neighborhood! It's really interesting. I feel like I'm connecting more with people I normally wouldn't have. People seem to enjoy it. It's almost as if the pictures give them permission to enjoy this time when we are slowing down and being more connected with ourselves and our loved ones.

I've been pleasently surprised by the positive reactions and feedback I'm getting from this idea! Some people are asking about how much I would normally charge for this because they want to help support a local business and I tell them I have no idea because, 1) I normally don't do porch mini-sessions, 2) times are strange all around, not to mention financially and 3) I just think it's a cool idea to give people a fun portrait of their situation at this time!

Then, I thought about the question and thought it deserved a proper response. Give people information and they can decide what's fair.

It’s probably around 20-25 minutes (mini-shoot) and a few days later, you’ll get 20-30 edited, digital files for you to use for posting or printing. I’ve seen photographers charge around $125 for this type of package. Honestly, I just want to bring some joy and create memories. I don’t want someone to not do it because they are uncertain about their financial future.

My goal is to find fun ways to connect with people during this time. For me, it's through photography and luckily, with technology, we can easily make this a "touch-less" or Corona guidelines approved connection! :D

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